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Vision and Eye Health

Our optometrists and dispensing opticians are committed to providing services of the highest quality, utilizing the latest developments in their respective fields. Our 1 hour eye examinations allow for a thorough, detailed, and comprehensive appraisal of your eyesight and the health of your eyes.

Examinations are tailored to individual needs and span:

Assessment of your vision requirements, including distance and near vision, binocular and color vision

Examination of eye health including screening for conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macula degeneration

Evaluation of children's vision using age-appropriate techniques and equipment

Assessment of aids to assist the visually impaired

Fitting prescription contact lenses compatible with healthy eyes.

At Haydons, your eye health evaluation is enhanced by cutting edge technologies such as our retinal camera, which takes digital photographs for retinal assessment and future comparison.

Our dispensing opticians are experts in the latest spectacle lens technology and work in partnership with our optometrists to select the most appropriate lenses for clear, comfortable vision.

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Vision And Eye Health


Glaucoma is a progressive disease of the optic nerve. It can be associated with elevated pressure inside the eye and can lead to permanent vision loss.

Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is the name given to a group of retinal eye diseases that cause progressive loss of central vision.

Dry Eye

Tears are important for our eyes as they help to protect, lubricate and clean them.

Retinal Detachment

Many people report seeing squiggly lines or cloudy, thread-like substances that seem to float or dart across their field of vision.


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